2017 News and Updates

I hope everyone had a wonderful time during the holidays and a happy New Year! Now that we are getting close to the recital the dancers will be learning their routines! Some of the classes before break have picked and voted on their song that they would like to dance to at the recital, it is their show!! With the recital a couple months away I need to order costumes. I will be ordering costumes no later than January 15th which means tuition needs to be paid from Sept-Jan in order for me to order your child a costume. I started measuring the dancers before break but not everyone was here so I will continue to measure this week as well! If your child has a costume from last year and you know it is too small or too big please let me know.That will help me if their measurements are falling in the middle of two sizes. I am staying with the same company Beth has ordered from before because we have been using that company for over 10 years and their sizes and quick returns are pretty good compared to others!

Unfortunately I have to ask that only my staff (Christina, Brittany, Becky, Maggie, Angela and Kim W.) can be behind the desk. I have had money and Pizazz gear missing. The tuition box is up on the wall so please please put your checks and cash in the box if I am not there to receive it from you at the time. It is locked and only I have a key!

I still have some extra company jackets and some sweatpants. If I have more people interested in buying tshirts, sweatpants and sweatshirts I can place another order!

Important Dates:

1/16/17 The studio will be open!

2/19-2/26 The studio will be closed for Feb. vacation

4/7-4/9 Dance Xplosion Dance Competition @ DCU Center

4/16-4/23 The Studio will be closed for April vacation

5/19-5/21 Revolution Talent Competition in Springfield

5/29 The Studio will be closed

6/17-6/18 Recital PEACE, LOVE, and DANCE


Thank you all for all your amazing support and helping me through my journey and new chapter in my life. I could not have done it without you all and these amazing dancers!


If you ever have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to call or text me anytime at 413.230.0567 or be email pizazzdancestudio6@gmail.com.

For more information please check out our website at www.pizazzdance.com or like us on facebook!


Thank you,