Dance Recital News and Update!


2021 Recital New and update!!!

We are getting so close to our end of the year performance and usually by now we are selling tickets and ready to go…. but Due to COVID this is not happening and making things very difficult to hold a live performance at this time and the dates we need to hold the recital. So the staff and I have come up with a plan that will work best for everyone………

A Virtual Dance Recital!

My good friend who has been filming all of our dance recitals in the past is willing to come to the studio and video tape each dance and then put together a recital for us! The most exciting news is that the Greenfield Garden Cinemas is willing to show our recital for us! Dancers will now be movie stars! We will have have 3 showing times, I will not have the dates or times for this until the Gardens give me the dates but it will happen mid June!

Here is the plan to film:

June 1st-3rd we will have a schedule for each class to come to the studio to be filmed. We will film until we have the best shot, view and everything else.

Dancers will need to come dressed in their costume and with hair and makeup ready to go! Each class will run through the dance and then we will start filming! Each class should take about 15 mins but obviously we might need some extra time so plan 15-20 mins per dance. I will send out a schedule as soon as we have confirmed times. The waiting room will be closed and parents will be dropping off so its very import that dancers only bring what they need to film, names on everything. All of Pizazz staff will be there to help and we will have a mother or two in waiting room to oversee and help if needed. Dancers 2-4 will be allowed to have one adult with them in the waiting room if needed but sometimes its best to drop off!

Again schedule for this will be sent out in MAY. We will work with the younger kids first and then work our way up to the older kids.

I have honestly reached out to very public and private school in this area and beyond and because of COVID restrictions I have been denied. If we owned our own theatre then this would be a different story! The fairgrounds was an options but after looking into the dates are really late and many families will be gone, there is no stage, no changing room and the list kept piling up and if it rains we would have to cancel and i just cant take that risk of not having another show. So we have put our heads together and saw what other studio are doing and the virtual recital is the new thing and the safest thing to do at this point. But here is the thing I am still waiting to hear back from two schools and if we get the ok I would still like to do one live performance. The date I have asked for is June 12th and it would be an evening performance but like I have said because numbers are on the rise again and kids back in school schools are denying me at this time. so we can only keep fingers crossed and hope that we can get a place to do one live!

This is something out of my hands and my control but we are going to make the best of it and everyone will have fun! I honestly believe the dancers will have a blast going to the “movies” and watching themselves and their friends on the big screen while enjoying popcorn and snacks and parents can actualy enjoy the show as well. In the Lobby will have a backdrop for pictures. Dancers can wear their costumes or their finale outfits. We will have music playing and on their way out teachers will hand out a trophy to each dancer! The Greenfield Gardens will give a date times and price for tickets and as soon as I know I will post and you can start preordering tickets!

Please be patient with us as we are doing our best and fingers crossed we are able to a live performance as well. Please remember that dvds will be available to purchase to watch at the comfort of your home or to send to families!

If you have any questions or concerns please email Caitlin at

Thank you for all your love and support!