Updates and upcoming information

Quick check in!

Hello everyone just wanted to do a quick check in and update!

Our Facebook page unfortunately has been hacked. We are working on creating a new page and updating everyone. If you have tried to get a hold of us through Facebook please email Caitlin at pizazzdancestudio6@gmail.com.

We are working on recital dances and costumes are being ordered. All dancers have been measured and fitted for a costume. We will have a costume book out soon. Because of everything still crazy in the world some costumes are get delayed or on backorder so we want to make sure we have confirmation on all costumes before sharing with you all!

Our theme is once upon a time (Disney/fairy tales)

We are also working on summer dance weeks. Dance xplosion summer dance week is for dancers 5& up we are looking at July 11-15! This a wekk of dancing all styles, crafts, and learning routines for a showcase on Friday! As soon as we work out all details we will send out more information and open a registration online!

We are also working on a half day dance week for our tiny dancers.... Dress up and dance this will be for ages 3-5.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Caitlin at pizazzdancestudio6@gmail.com

Thank you