Recital Newsletter UPDATE

2022 Recital update

Recital &Dress Rehearsal News!

Dress rehearsal will be held June 8th 3:30-9 at the Greenfield High school. We will be running it different from the past rehearsals we have had at Pizazz. Each class will have about 10 mins on stage that way we can go over all the little details like spacing and lines and entrance and exits. All dancers must wear their costumes and their hair like they would for the show. You can practice make up if you please. All dancers that are participating in the finale must all come for the finale time… Please do not wear your finale outfit! please wear the costume you just had on or need to have on for your practice. Bathrooms will be open for dancers to change not the locker room!

Schedule for Dress Rehearsal:

• 5-8 Tap/Jazz 3:30-4

• 3-5 Hip Hop Saturday 4-4:10

• 5-8 Hip Hop Monday 4:10-4:20

• 5-8 Hip Hop Thursday 4:20-4:30

• 2-4 Tap/Ballet 4:30-4:45

•Finale 4:45-5:30 ALL DANCERS MUST ATTEND Wear the last Costume or the costume you need next or dance clothes please do not wear finale shirt and jean shorts!

• 5-8 Lyrical Monday 5:30-5:40

• 9 &UP Hip Hop 5:40-5:50

• Musical theatre 5:50-6

• 9&UP TAP/Lyrical 6-6:20

•Pre Ballet 6:20-6:30

• 9 and up Jazz 6:30-6:40

•Ballet 1 6:40-6:50

•Ballet 2 6:50-7

•Pointe 7-7:15

All Company Dances and Mini Company 7-8

Fathers 8:15-9

Please remember that these are just rough times for each class on stage I will try not to go over and stick to the schedule but we might run ahead or we might run behind!! So I apologize in advance.

Shire Photography will be in the Lobby during dress rehearsal. Information is posted on Facebook through an event and will be posted at the studio.

For the finale all dancers will be wearing…. Finale recital t-shirt, jean shorts, and sneakers if they are in hip hop they can wear their sneakers.

Ticket Order forms are Due June1st… To receive your ticket and tshirt you must have your tuition paid in full. Tickets will be sold at door. Dancers will get in free but must have an adult with them for both shows. $10.00 per ticket or $15.00 at Door. Tickets are wrist bands everyone MUST be wearing their wrist band to get into building. All dancers will receive ONE wrist band for the weekend! they will need to wear this all weekend. Please do not cut the dancers wrist band off after Saturday’s show! The Studio will be open June 7th to pass out tickets and tshirts! We will be open from 4-6. Pizazz Will also be open June 6th from 4:15-6:30....Please plan ahead.....We will not be passing out ticktes or shirts during dress rehersal. Company Dancers will recieve their tickets and tshirts June 1st. TUITION MUST BE PAID IN FULL to recieve tickets, and tshirts. As of June 1st we will no longer be accepting personal checks. All ticket order forms must be paid in cash or VENMO.

Most costumes have been sent home. Please make sure they are hung up and put in a safe place. if you have a tutu please hang it upside down ad please make sure it out of the bag. all costumes have come with accessories please make sure you have them all!

Gary Ant. Productions will be there Sunday to video tape the recital. You can order DVDS at the recital and I will have order forms at the Pizazz table during the weekend.

The show should be about 2 hours with a 15 min intermission. We will be selling snacks and drinks. Please remember no food or drinks in the auditorium. Dancers can change in the lockers rooms. Please remember we are renting the GHS and we all need to do our part and be respectful of the school and clean up after ourselves! During the recital we will have a dance on stage one lined up backstage and one lined up in the hallway. So please have your dancer ready and in the hallway to the right of the stage 3 numbers before. Dancers will exit from the left side of the stage then walk behind the curtain to the hallway to the right of the stage where you dropped them off. This will allow you time to get out of your seat and meet them in the hallway. Please remember to be quiet as you can backstage and in the hallways. We ask that you stay seated until the dance is over so everyone can enjoy the show. Incase of an emergency we ask that you take your child and be with your child at all times. If they are on stage or backstage during the show if there is an emergency Pizazz staff will meet you at the entrance of the auditorium.

RECITAL @ The Greenfield High School Saturday show 5pm Sunday show 2pm Doors open an hour before times. Please be respectful and wait till someone opens the door!

Please let me know if you have any questions or anything!!


JULY 11-15TH


This Summer Dance Week is open for dancers 4-7 year olds. This week they will learn all styles of dance and then have a showcase on Friday!
Dancers will do arts and crafts as well and each day will be a theme to dress up!
$200.00 per Dancer
9am-3pm drop off at 8:45am
Registration online

JULY 18-22ND

This Summer Dance Week is open for dancers 6+ year olds. This week they will learn all styles of dance and then have a showcase on Friday!
Dancers will do arts and crafts as well and each day will be a theme to dress up! Mini company dancers or dancers who want to be in Mini company or invited to Mini Company need to attend this week!
$200.00 per Dancer
9am-3pm drop off at 8:45am
Registration online


Here is a rough copy of the progam. Please double check to see if I forgot a class and please make sure you have one/two numbers inbetween your dances. please let me know if I need to make any changes!

Act One

Opening Number All Company Dancers

  1. Under The Sea Thurs.& Sat. 2-4 Tap
  2. What’s My Name Mini Company Hip Hop
  3. Rather Be Company Tap
  4. Tangled Pre Ballet
  5. Tiki Room Thurs. 5-8 Jazz
  6. Friend Like Me Company Jazz
  7. Bam Thursday 9&up Hip Hop
  8. Trashing the Camp Thurs. 9&up Tap
  9. The Gospel Truth Ella, Madi, Ally
  10. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Thurs. 5-8 Tap
  11. Hard Knock Life Musical Theatre
  12. Beauty and the Beat Company Hip Hop
  13. You’ll be in My Heart Thurs. 9 & up Lyrical
  14. Jock Jamz All Company Dancers

**15 Minute Intermission**

Act Two

  1. A Dream is a Wish Thurs.& Sat. 2-4 Ballet
  2. Toy Story Mini Company Tap
  3. 101 Dalmatians Saturday 3-5 Hip Hop
  4. Cruella DeVil Thursday 9&up Jazz
  5. Proud Mary Company Jazz
  6. Fired Up Monday 5-8 Hip Hop
  7. Sleeping Beauty Ballet 3
  8. How Far You’ll Go Ballet 2
  9. Pointe
  10. My Own Thursday 5-5 Hip Hop
  11. Spirit Company Contemporary
  12. Colors of the Wind Monday 5-8 Lyrical
  13. Ella’s SR Solo
  14. Madison’s Sr Solo
  15. Finale All Dancers

Because of Memorial Day we will be holding classes on June 6th for Musical Theatre, Lyrical and Hip Hop