Dress Rehearsal

Wednesday June 8th at GHS

Dress rehearsal will be held June 8th 3:30-9 at the Greenfield High school. We will be running it different from the past rehearsals we have had at Pizazz. Each class will have about 10 mins on stage that way we can go over all the little details like spacing and lines and entrance and exits. All dancers must wear their costumes and their hair like they would for the show. You can practice make up if you please. All dancers that are participating in the finale must all come for the finale time… Please do not wear your finale outfit! please wear the costume you just had on or need to have on for your practice. Bathrooms will be open for dancers to change not the locker room!

Schedule for Dress Rehearsal:

• 5-8 Tap/Jazz 3:30-4

• 3-5 Hip Hop Saturday 4-4:10

• 5-8 Hip Hop Monday 4:10-4:20

• 5-8 Hip Hop Thursday 4:20-4:30

• 2-4 Tap/Ballet 4:30-4:45

•Finale 4:45-5:30 ALL DANCERS MUST ATTEND Wear the last Costume or the costume you need next or dance clothes please do not wear finale shirt and jean shorts!

• 5-8 Lyrical Monday 5:30-5:40

• 9 &UP Hip Hop 5:40-5:50

• Musical theatre 5:50-6

• 9&UP TAP/Lyrical 6-6:20

•Pre Ballet 6:20-6:30

• 9 and up Jazz 6:30-6:40

•Ballet 1 6:40-6:50

•Ballet 2 6:50-7

•Pointe 7-7:15

All Company Dances and Mini Company 7-8

Fathers 8:15-9

Please remember that these are just rough times for each class on stage I will try not to go over and stick to the schedule but we might run ahead or we might run behind!! So I apologize in advance.

Shire Photography will be in the Lobby during dress rehearsal. Information is posted on Facebook through an event and will be posted at the studio.

For the finale all dancers will be wearing…. Finale recital t-shirt, jean shorts, and sneakers if they are in hip hop they can wear their sneakers.