Thursday and Saturday Dancers

2-4 year olds and 5-8 year olds

Thursday and Saturday Dancers

We are so close to the recital… I would like starting June 10th combining the 3&4 year olds and all the 5&8 year old classes as well if possible with your schedule. You may come Thursday and Saturday each week with no extra charge! This will help get dancers ready for recital and dance with everyone before the big stage. Listed below are the times with the classes.


4:15-4:45- tap and ballet 3&4 year olds

4:45-5:15- Tap 5-8 year olds

5:15-5:45 Jazz 5-8 year olds

5:45-6:15 Hip Hop 5-8 year olds


9:30-10 Tap and Ballet 3&4 year olds

10:30-11 Tap 5-8 year olds

11-11:30 Jazz 5-8 year olds

11:30-12 Hip Hop 5-8 year olds

For any questions please contact me at or my cell 413.230.0567 you can call or text!

Thank you Caitlin