Our senior 2023

Abby Moore

Meet Our graduating senior.... Abby Moore

What age did you start dancing?

“I started dancing at the age of 2.” 16years at Pizazz Dance Studio

Why did you pick Zombie as your senior solo song?

“I picked Zombie because I like the way the music sounds and the song is very nostalgic to me”.

What are your plans after high school graduation?

“I’m going to Wheaton College andmajoring in Anthropology and Art in hopes of becoming an archeologist”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“In 10 years I hope to have visited all sorts of locations around the world to learn about other cultures try a new food from every place I visit”.

Whats one of the most important lessons you’ve learned from your year of dance training?

“One of the most important lessons is to trust your fellow dancers as a second family ".

With your childhood dance journey coming to a close, what will you miss the most?

“I will miss performing the most and all my ballet classes”.

“I would like to thank my family, dance teachers, and teammates, as well as school teachers, and best friends for everything they have done to help her and hopes everybody in the audience enjoys the show”.