Updated information

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Happy February! Time is sure flying so here are some updates and reminders.

Ms. Caitlin will be out from now and return after February vacation.

February vacation will be Saturday the 17- 23

Costumes have been ordered and tuition needs to be caught up to date in order for dancers to receive their costume.

Important dates and upcoming events are always posted around the studio please always check the bulletin board for information

Waiting room reminders.....

Please remember that the waiting room needs to be quiet and less of a distraction for the dancers dancing.

No one should be running or doing flips and playing tag in the waiting room. We ask no chairs in front of the observation window for children to climb up and district the dancers. We have some quiet toys like coloring, books, and puzzles for siblings to do while they wait but please pick up after yourself. Please remember to do your part to keep the waiting room clean, safe and a healthy environment for all.

There has been a lot of distractions and interruption happening that takes away valuable time from dancers who are there to learn. That being said we ask parents to please stay out of the dance floor unless there is an emergency please do not open door and yell for your dancer during their class please grab the teachers attention or teachers assistant and they can help you if there is an emergency. Also we ask that you have your dancer use the bathroom before entering the dance floor as it becomes a huge distraction during class. Snacks need to stay in the waiting room and dancers need to stay in class during their time not leaving to keep getting snacks and water. We encourage water bottles to come in with dancers with their dance shoes and bags.

Please help keep the studio clean and clean up after yourself. There is a lost and found table started as the bin was over flowing please check before items are tossed

Thank you