Recital and Dress Rehearsal


Recital and Dress Rehearsal Information:


Traveling Around the World recital 2024

Saturday June 8th 5pm @ Greenfield High School Doors will open at 4pm

Sunday June 9th 2pm @Greenfield High School Doors will open at 1pm

Finale shirts: Finale T-shirt order forms are available online or located at the desk. Sizing is the same as last year and runs a little on the big side! They are unisex shirts. Order forms are due no later than May 1st. $20.00 per shirt. For example my child wears a 7-8 and fits in a youth medium! Forms must be filled out by May 1st. Payment for the shirt is due when placing your order. Venmo or cash and please do not combine with tuition! If venmo please make sure you write in memo for finale shirt please. Also adults/parents are more than welcome to order a shirt for yourself!

Tickets: Ticket PreSale Order forms are Due May 11th for PRE SALE TICKET PRICE… flash Ticket sale is May 6-11th. After the 11th all tickets will have to be bought at the door.

Dancers do not need a ticket!

To receive your tickets and your free dancer ticket you must have your tuition paid in full Sept-June. Dancers will get in free wearing their dancer wristband but must have an adult with them for both shows. $15.00 per ticket for adults and $10.00 for children 10 and under. Children 2 and under are Free! Tickets will be $20.00 at the door.

Tickets are wrist bands... Everyone MUST be wearing their wrist band to get into the building. Wristbands will either say Saturday or Sunday! Please make sure you are wearing the correct ones. All dancers will receive ONE wristband for the weekend! They will need to wear them all weekend so please do not cut the dancers wristband off after Saturday’s show they need it for Sunday!

AGAIN…..All Dancers must have an adult with them for both shows.

All Dancers should have their costumes and should be hung up! If you need yours to be altered please make sure you do it ASAP!

Shoes and Tights: Shoe list and tight list have gone out please double check to make sure you have the correct shoes and tights. If you are in dances where you will need footed and stirrup tights you only need stirrup tights! No need to keep changing tights! All ballet shoes need to be pink and tap shoes need to be black!

Tights and Shoes list

2-4 year old tap and ballet: pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes and footed light suntan tights

2-4 year old hip hop: white or silver sparkly sneakers, and footed light suntan tights

5-8 year old tap and ballet: pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes and footed light suntan tights

5-8 year old hip hop: fun sparkly sneakers or JoJo Siwa ones and footed light suntan tights

Thursday 9&up tap and jazz: nude pirouettes, black tap shoes and stirrup light suntan tights

Thursday 9 & up hip hop: black sneakers and light suntan tights

Musical theater: light suntan tights stirrup

Cheer dance: light suntan footed tights and white sneakers

HAIR AND MAKEUP: All dancers will need a high dancer bun. I would suggest getting a hair donut and we will have some for sale at the studio as well. Lots of hair spray and gel to help with the flyaways. We will post pictures on facebook as well if anyone needs help. Makeup should be light but enough to see from stage this will help so dancers don't get washed out on stage with those bright lights. Please have dancers wear lip gloss with a light pink tint, light color eye shadow and mascara if possible. I would recommend some light blush to add a little color under the bright lights. Please have them wear hair and make up to dress rehearsal as you would wear it for the show.

Video: Gary Ant. Productions will be there Sunday to videotape the recital. DVDs are now going extinct….lol so our show will be digital. It will be $35.00 for your digital copy. We will have a sign up sheet located at the desk.

The show should be about 2 hours with a 15 minute intermission. We will be selling snacks and drinks (cash only). Please remember no food or drinks in the auditorium and please clean up after yourself. We will also have a little gift table as well.

Dancers can change in the lockers rooms during the recital. Please remember we are renting the GHS and we all need to do our part and be respectful of the school and clean up after ourselves! We will follow school guidelines and protocols as well.

Showtime: During the recital we will have a dance on stage, one lined up backstage and one lined up in the hallway. Please have your dancer ready and in the hallway to the right of the stage 3 numbers before they go on. Dancers will exit from the right side and meet you in the hallway to the right of the stage.... same hallway as where you dropped them off. This will allow you time to get out of your seat and meet them in the hallway. Please remember to be as quiet as you can backstage and in the hallways. We ask that you stay seated until the dance is over so everyone can enjoy the show. Incase of an emergency we ask that you take your child and be with your child at all times. If they are on stage or backstage during the show when there is an emergency Pizazz staff will meet you at the entrance of the auditorium outside by the track field. NO PARENTS SHOULD BE BACKSTAGE.

RECITAL will be held @ The Greenfield High School

Saturday show 5pm

Sunday show 2pm

Doors open an hour before the show starts. Please be respectful and wait till someone opens the door. You may not enter early and save seats! Company dancers and their parents will be there ahead of time helping so please do not follow them in. We will let everyone in 1 hour before!

Program: We will have a digital program this year! We will have a QR code for you to scan. We suggest you scan and download the program before the show as the Internet is not good at the highschool. If you want your dancer's name in program please write the correct spelling first and last name on sheet located at the desk!

Dress Rehearsal News

June 5th @GHS!

Dress rehearsal will be held June 5th 3:30-8 at the Greenfield High School. We will be running it differently from the past rehearsals we have had at Pizazz. Each class will have about 10 mins on stage, that way we can go over all the little details like spacing, lines, entrances and exits. All dancers must wear their costumes and their hair and makeup like they would for the show. All dancers that are participating in the finale must all come for the finale time… Please do not wear your finale outfit! Please wear the costume you just had on or need to have on for your rehearsal time. Bathrooms will be open for dancers to change, not the locker rooms! Please remember that these are just rough times for each class on stage. I will try not to go over and stick to the schedule but we might run ahead or we might run behind so come 10 mins early!! Also dancers and parents must be respectful in the auditorium during rehearsal. It can be a huge distraction for everyone on stage. Dancers need to be sitting and waiting with their parents. Please no running or food and drinks. And please clean up after yourself. We ask that once you are done with your dances please pack up and head out…. Like I have stated before it gets super crazy and becomes a big distraction for dancers on stage.

You may leave after all your dances and the FINALE is done!

Schedule for Dress Rehearsal: Will be coming out soon!

If you have any questions or concernsp lease contact Caitlin directly

Thank you