Recital information

Please read

Thank you for an amazing dress rehearsal!! I can't stress that enough how easy and relaxed it was. We only had a couple little hiccups but easy fixes. Here are some things that we went over at dress rehearsal and or I forgot to go over

Please make sure everything is labeled with ur name on it and dancers could have a garment bag and their dance bag to keep everything together. Parents should be back in locker room helping dancers change and staying organized!

Please check ur dance shoes we had a lot left behind yesterday!

JoJo Siwa dance the skirt has a tie in the front please tie into a bow!

5-8 year olds rt 66 the feather on the skirt for tap faces up and should be on their left hip. The hair jewel goes in front of the bun!

5-8 fly to ur heart flowers are in front of bun and flower on skirt will go to the left side as well!

My babies!!! You guys rocked it! We will work on spacing at the recital so everyone has enough room!

9 and up everything was great. Dancers in hit the road jack would like to wear the skirt as they feel more comfortable and we are ok with that!

9 and up Hip hop on Thursday please take ur pants and put them over ur heal and then put ur shoes on that way we don't see your ankles lol!

Ballet 1 the little flower should be on the left side of the bun. Also please double check the leotard the side that has the nude is the front! And all dancers should have pink ballet shoes.

Musical theater I have pink scrunchies for you I will put them on ur bun when u go backstage!

Cheerdance please remember your white shorts and white sneakers! Please make sure to have both pom-poms as well. Bow should go in front of bun!

All make up and hair looked great please make sure to double spray hair so there are no fly aways.

Finale all dancers will be wearing their finale shirt and jean shorts dancers can wear any sneaker please no Crocs or high heels! Please keep hair up in bun as well!

Dancers have a special line they will stand on for the finale but not a special spot. Tiny dancers in line 1 will stay on stage at the end of show and we ask one parent come to the front to pick up their dancer. If they have a sibling on line 2 or 3 have that older sibling walk up and stay with their younger sibling. That way families are not separated. Older dancers 5 and up will exit the stage through the stage doors and head into girls locker room and wait for a parent to pick them.

During the finale we ask that everyone stay seated and isles stay cleared as dancers will be dancing in them.

Dancers may stay and watch the guest dancers and then report backstage for the finale!

Recital drop off and pick up for the stage....

All dancers will be with a parent at all times unless they are on stage or backstage or in the hallway. We ask that parents bring their dancer 3 numbers back before they go on stage. There will be chairs lined up in the hallway with numbers on them. Above those chairs there will be signs for each dance with dancers name and a number next to their name. Once dancers find their name and number please sit and wait in the correct chair. As soon as ur dancer is in their chair parents can head back to their seats. Please do not use the side doors in auditorium use the back doors in the Auditorium. When dancers exit the stage there will be chairs without numbers for dancers to sit and wait for their parent to pickup.

The locker room is located right around the corner from the stage entrance so we ask all males to stop at the numbered chairs and please dont go passed chairs as company dancers will be changing in the hallway.

We will have concession stands open as soon as doors open. Everything will be for 1.00 cash only!! . We will also have a small little gift table with stuffed animals, necklaces, rings, bracelets, blankets and dance bags. This year Sweet Stems from Deerfield will be there selling fresh locally grown flower for dancers please place your order ahead of time to guarantee flowers! Contact them directly to place an order!

Please no outside food or drinks!

Please remember doors will open 4 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday! We will have people coming in our as we are setting up and getting ready please do not follow or get upset. We will have our company dancers come out and welcome everyone and open doors. If you bought tickets ahead of time please wear the correct wristband to keep the line moving

All dancers received their VIP pass. This will allow dancers to go through the VIP door that way they can get to the locker room and start getting ready. Each dancer is allowed one parent who has a wrist band on to enter with them. Everyone else should be waiting in line to use the main entrance.

Tickets are available at the door for full price $20 each kids 2 and under aka lap kids are free!

Please download the digital program and send to guest before you arrive. We will have some printed copies posted throughout the building but we as everyone to download as we are trying to go paperless! We will also have QR code located around the school to scan but WiFi and service is not the greatest. We will have them taped to the front door as outside is best to download!

All information for recital can be found on our website

For any questions or concerns please contact Caitlin directly