Welcome to Pizazz


Welcome to Pizazz!

Thank you for choosing Pizazz Dance Studio. Our mission is to instill a great love of dance, while inspiring self-confidence, discipline and respect of the performing arts. We provide a solid technical foundation for the developing dancer and instill an appreciation for the art of dance in a safe, high-quality studio environment. We welcome all children of all ages and all abilities at Pizazz.

Dress Code:

Dancers should always have their hair pulled back and into a bun or french braid.

  • Ballet- dancers need to have tights, leotards, ballet shoes, and hair in bun. Ballet skirts and ballet sweaters are fine as well.

  • Tap- dancer need to have clothes that they can move and dance around in, we suggest shorts and a leotard, tights and leotard, or leggings and a shirt. Please no jeans! Hair needs to be pulled back. Black tap shoes

  • Jazz- dancers should be wearing tights and a leotard, they can have a skirt, tutu or shorts over leotard as well. They may also wear leotard and leggings and hair should be pulled back and out of face. Dancers can go bare feet please no sneakers!

  • Hip Hop- dancers may wear something they can move in... leggings and a shirt, shorts and shirt. Hair can be in a ponytail pulled back and dancers may wear sneakers that are clean and not worn outside.

  • Lyrical- dancers should be wearing tights and a leotard. You can wear a skirt or jazz shorts if you need to. Dancers may go bare feet in this class or foot undeez. Hair needs to be slicked back in a bun or french braid.

  • Company Dancer and Precompany Dancers- Need to be wearing tights and a leotard for all their classes with their hair in a tight slicked bun or french braid! NO PONYTAILS!


FIRST CLASS/CHILD $50.00 per month

SECOND CLASS/CHILD $40.00 per month

THIRD CLASS/CHILD $35.00 per month


COMPANY and PreCompany

Mandatory FOUR Classes $150.00 per month

Additional Classes $40.00 per month

Privates $50.00 per month


Class fees & Costumes


Tuition is a yearly fee divided into 10 monthly payments.

Payments are due the first week of the month.

Waiting Room:

We ask for parents and non dancers to wait in the waiting room while your dancers in dancing. There is a viewing window to see what your dancers is doing. This will help not distract the dancers and help with our shy dancers as it can get very overwhelming for our smaller dancers. If your dancers is in a combo class Tap/Ballet we ask that the dancers bring in their dance shoes in a bag or with their names on the shoes and the Pizazz staff will help change their dance shoes when needed. We have an amazing large waiting room with little kids corner for siblings and dancers that are waiting patiently. We also offer Pierce Bros. coffee up at the desk for adults, Please help yourself! On warmer days we will open the garage door please be sure to keep an eye on your child/children we do not want them climbing the gate and jumping over. The street is a super busy st and cars fly down super fast. Please remember to respect the waiting room and keep noise and running down so it does not distract the dancers!


There is no parking in front of the studio or in the side parking lot of the studio. That parking lot is for the apartments behind the studio and is not part of Pizazz. If you park there you will be towed. You may park on Pierce St or the safest is to park in the church and use the crosswalk to the studio. The street is super busy and cars are always flying down so please always use the crosswalk!

As some of you may know I am expecting my first child September 13, 2018. Fingers crossed everything goes as planned and I am able to start teaching dance when dance starts. We all know that things can change and children like to come when they want and when they are ready so, if by any chance I am not able to make it the first couple of days of dance I have a wonderful amazing staff that will have my classes all covered. They are truly amazing and know what to do! I apologize in advance for this and if there are any issues or concerns PLEASE do not hesitate to call or text 413.230.0567 or email pizazzdancestudio6@gmail.com me at anytime and we can figure everything out. Thank you all for understanding and being patient with me!

Dance starts Tuesday September 18th!

Thank You,

Caitlin and the Pizazz Staff