First day of dance reminders...

Welcome back or welcome to Pizazz!!!

Tomorrow is the first day of dance and we all are very super excited to see you all and dance with everyone!!!

A couple of reminders.....

Parking... Please remember there is no parking at Walgreens or the parking lot on the side. Cars will get towed and have been towed in the past! Please use st parking or the church parking lot across the street and always use a cross walk.

Parents are welcome to stay and observe in the waiting room but don't have to stay. We ask parents with dancers ages 2-4 stay. If you do have to run out and you do have a young dancer please let their teacher know that way if your dancer has to go potty or needs anything we can help them.

Tuition and registration fees are due this week.

Our studio got a makeover so we ask no street shoes or food and drinks in the dance rooms. Please also keep distractions to a minimum so we can have your dancers full attention. We ask parents and visitors to stay in the waiting room. This allows all dancers to stay focused and give their teachers the attention they need. This also helps with our shy dancers as well!

We will have a first day of dance sign of your dancer would like their picture taken!! Please don't forget to share it with us!

Please check handbook for dance attire and please make sure you have what you need for each class. We do have a bin of shoes that have donated to us over the year and you may go through if you need a pair of dance shoes. We do sell tights and some dance attire as well! We will also be selling little dance gifts such as bracelets, necklaces, water bottles and of course Pizazz bows!!! This can all be found behind desk. All dancers hair must be pulled back and out of face!

We ask only staff members go behind desk if you need anything please come find me or ask another staff member who is available at the time.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly!!

Can't wait to see you all