Classes Are Being Held ONLINE

Facebook and Youtube!

We are holding classes online through the Pizazz Facebook page and on Youtube. Please keep an eye on schedules and times. Subscribe to our Pizazz Dance Studio channel on Youtube for updates too!

Please dont panic due to schools being closed we have plan A B C and D but can not finialze anything until it is safe it we have been cleared to open our doors. So we will be dancing from our homes! Please have fun and try to make it the best we can for our dancers. We also have fun activities through out the week and next week is spirit week. We will try to do zoom check in with dancers as we go. Pizazz now has messenger with kids on Facebook so if dancers need to check in with me they are more than welcome too! Also WE are trying to decorate the garage door for our dancers if you could please send me a heart with your dancers name on it our have them decorate or a message on please mail it to my house 80 East Rd Orange MA 01364 or drop it off at the studio mailbox. I plan on decorating the door this weekend!

If you are having a hard time getting your child to dance at home it is ok. My children are too. It's very difficult, strange and different for them. They have a lot of big emotions and don't know what to say or how to express them. Dance is a great way to express how they are feeling....

Here are some great ways that might help

Start a sticker or a reward chart. After each class have them put a sticker on their chart!

Have dancers get into dance attire or an old costume and put their hair up to make them feel like they are going to dance class

Make a space or spot for them to practice their dances and dance class

Make a playlist with your dancer and have them dance their feelings away. Have them dress up make up or something fun!

And of course any dancer at anytime can FaceTime me send me videos pictures or if they really need me I can do a drive way hello!!! Pizazz also has kid messenger and can chat with dancers through that!

Please let me know how I can help make this easier for you and for them! We miss everyone so very much but know safety is number one!!!!

Love and miss you all