Frequently Asked Questions

How big are your classes?

We try to keep all classes to 12 students. However most of our younger classes have less.  We do sometimes combine classes for a better flow and speed at the recital.

How do I know what classes to sign my child up for?

We place our students in classes where they are going to enjoy themselves the most.  Ability and age are also considered when placing students in classes.

What can Pizazz offer kids?

Our main goal is to offer a fun, social and positive atmosphere to each student.  Pizazz is mostly made up of recreational dancers that love music, dancing and performing and can’t wait to wear the costumes on stage!

Do most dancers compete?

No, only a small portion of our students are actually involved in company classes.

What are company classes and who can take them?

Company classes are designed for students that want to dance 3 days per week.  Students also compete at regional competitions around New England.  Dancers interested in company classes should have some ballet experience.

What’s included in the tuition?  Why are your prices slightly higher than others?

Pizazz offers a monthly tuition that includes your classes and costumes.  We started this concept 15 years ago and find it’s easier for families to pay the same amount each month rather than coming up with deposits and balances which are generally due around the holidays!

What is the second class/ third class breakdown?

When a student or family member takes more than one class we offer a discount.  Discounted prices still include costumes!

How many teachers do you have?

We are very fortunate to have a staff that has been together for over 10 years, not to mention a few of them that have been with us from the start.  Our teachers have amazing backgrounds in dance, education and child development.  Many studios only have one teacher.  We have several highly dedicated, experienced and established instructors who bring fun, spunk, creativity and talent to our students.

What if I have attended another studio?

Sometimes it can be difficult to move from studio to studio.  We welcome any and all dancers and hope that we can make the move a positive and happy experience.  We will do our best to make the transition as easy as possible.  We are confident that once you are a Pizazz dancer you will love it!

How are your recitals different from other studios?

Our recitals ROCK!

  • Great age appropriate costumes
  • Recital rehearsal on stage
  • Medals for each dancer
  • Professional DJ
  • Professional Videographer
  • Dads Dance
  • Teacher interaction throughout the show
  • Full student participation finale

We are the Valley’s Premiere Dance Studio, come dance with us!