Tuition 2023-2024


FIRST CLASS/CHILD $550.00 for 10 Months
$55.00 per month

SECOND CLASS/CHILD $1000.00 for 10 Months for 2 classes or 2 children
($45.00) $100 per month

THIRD CLASS/CHILD $1400.00 for 10 months for 3 classes or 3 children
($40.00) $140.00 per month

FOUR OR MORE CLASSES/CHILD $1750.00 for 10 months for 4 classes or 4 children
($35.00) $175.00 per month

To figure out tuition, please start with the first class fee for the first child. Classes chosen after the first class will be discounted to the second class or second child rate. This will also be the case for the third and fourth class or child.

For example, if Rhylie wants to take tap, jazz and hip hop her tuition fee would be $55 for the first class, $45 for the second and $40 for the third. If Rhylie's sister Olivia wants to take hip hop her tuition would be $35.00 since its the fourth class in the family. The family total would be $175.00 a month with a $30.00 registration fee.

Prices include costumes and the class fee.

Mini Company

FOUR Classes $155.00 per month.....Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop and Tap *
Additional Classes $45.00 per month

Company Classes


55.00 per Class per month

Package 1: 4 Classes (Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop or Tap) $200.00

Package 2: 5 Classes (Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap and Hip Hop) $245.00

Package 3: 2 Classes (Tap and Hip Hop) $110.00

Package 4: 2 classes (tap and hip hop) plus jazz tech $145.00

Jazz tech: $35.00 per month

If company dancers want to do contemporary they must take lyrical/ballet and Jazz Tech

Jazz tech is highly recommend for all Sr company dancers. We will have special guest teachers, strength training and special dances for local events and recital.

**Privates, Solos, Duos and Trios will depend on times, costume and teacher**


Class fees & Costumes

REGISTRATION FEE: $20 per Child or $30 per Family


Tuition is a yearly fee divided into 10 easy payments.

First payment will be due at time of Registration. This Payment will be September tuition and registration fee.

Tuition is Due the First week of each month!

$10.00 Late fee will be added each month if payments are recieved after due date!

Tuition can be mailed to Caitlin Vautour 80 East Rd Orange MA 01364 and now through VENMO @pizazzdance6

We Do NOT take personal checks

10% discount if paid in full.

Tuition is non refundable.

If dancers join/register after December there will be a $50.00 Costume fee added at registration


Tights, Tickets & Recital T-shirt, and Recital Accessories.